Speciality Programs

Our programs are designed to create authentic and rigorous learning experiences for all students. Based on the Ministry of Education’s expectations, they are also supplemented by a variety of curriculum resources, such as Christian Schools International (CSI). Our classrooms foster high quality student work—putting less emphasis on the amount of material memorized and more on making connections, thinking through issues, and solving problems. We encourage students to be reflective leaders of their own learning, supporting them to produce high-quality work as they complete their daily learning activities, set individualized goals, create projects, and author presentations. We encourage self-assessment, creativity, collaboration, effective communication, and critical thinking. Our vision is to educate children, equipping them for a life of faithful Christian discipleship and service.

At OCS, we recognize that each student is made in God’s image. Since God is a creative God, we have inherited some creativity, and it is our privilege to explore and develop this aspect of our being. We teach students about the creative, fallen and redemptive aspects of art, and equip them to interpret, discern and appropriately engage in art media.

Students in JK to Grade 1 have art class in their classrooms with their homeroom teachers. Those in Grades 2-8 have art class in the art room once per week with our art teacher. During this time, students:

  • acquaint themselves with various artists and periods of art
  • explore the elements of art and principles of design
  • experiment with different media and develop technical ability
  • develop an artistic language and critiquing skills
  • complete tests, projects and assessments

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