I/We promise to:

- Prayerfully support the objectives of the Association.

- Make myself/ourselves available to serve the school as much as I am/we are able

- Financially contribute to the school as faithful Christian stewards

I/We declare that I/we fully agree with every part of Bylaw No. 1 (the Constitution of the Ottawa Christian School Association), and understand the commitment that I am/we are making.
I/We regularly attend a Christian church and promise to do our utmost to maintain a Christian home environment consistent with the mission of the school.
I/We agree to pay an annual membership fee. As members, I/we will abide by the terms set forth in the Association's bylaws. I/We understand that membership will cease upon non-payment of the annual fee. Annual fees do not apply to members continuing to pay tuition for enrolled children.

Membership privileges are extended to membership applicants after a period of one year contingent on good financial standing and attendance at an OCSA membership meeting in the year of application. If previous members of a Christian School Association, no waiting period is applied. Membership fees are waived for the Teaching Staff of OCSA.