Admissions Process.

1 – Request a Tour

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2 – Registration Meeting

The formal registration process starts with an interview meeting with the Principal to find out more about the school, the fit for your family, and any questions you may have.

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3 – Apply

Click the button below to access the application and registration form. For more information about tuition, please contact

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4 – Education Assessment

The Learning Support team assesses all new students from Senior Kindergarten to grade 8 after the registration form is completed with the required documents and finances received. Additional testing is completed as needed throughout the year.


OCS families pledge a yearly amount to our school based on family income and the number of children that attend. The true cost of what we provide is subsidized through fundraising and donations. Here are some scenarios that explain our pledging.

The cost of providing Christ-centered education at Ottawa Christian School is funded by the parents of children enrolled in the school and by the supporting community. Tuition is evaluated and set yearly by the OCS Board of Directors and approved by the school membership.

Our tuition rates are very competitive with the rates of other Christian Schools in Ontario and lower than most independent schools in the Ottawa area.

The revenue derived from tuition does not cover the total cost of providing a high quality Christian education. Membership fees, donations, the annual walkathon, other events and volunteering all help to reduce the cost borne by parents. All families are expected to participate in fund-raising projects and the volunteer effort that is required to operate the school.

Calculate Your Family Rate.

The Ottawa Christian School uses an Income Scale Tuition Fee Structure. Below are the rates for families:

Tuition Fee Structure for the 2021-22 school year:
Oldest child in Grade 1-8 Tuition for oldest child
Combined family income less than $74,675 $9,185
Combined family income between $74,675 and $128,821 12.3% of combined income
Combined family income greater than $128,821 $15,845
Oldest child in Kindergarten Tuition for oldest child
Junior Kindergarten – Part Time Only (2 full days) $4,555
Junior & Senior Kindergarten – Part Time Only (3 full days) $6,830
Junior & Senior Kindergarten & EKP* – Full Time (5 full days) $6,830 + $2,200*
Additional Children Tuition for each additional child
Additional Child Grade 1-8 $1,510
Additional Child Grade JK Only (2 Day) $600
Additional Child Grade JK & SK (3 day) $900
Additional Child Grade JK & SK & EKP* (5 day) $900 + $2,200*

* The Extended Kindergarten Program (EKP) gives families the option to send their child for 5 days. If you have 2+ children in EKP please use the amount of $1,550 instead of $2,200.

The After-Tax Cost of Education

A portion of your tuition fees are tax deductible as a donation. This amount is dependent on the number of children enrolled. The below chart illustrates this:

1 Child 2 Children 3 Children
Tuition* $15,845 $17,355 $18,865
Estimated Cost of Education**
Charitable Donation Amount
Federal Tax Credit 29%
Provincial Tax Credit 11%
Total Return Amount $4,488 $3,242 $1,996
Net After-Tax Cost $11,357 $14,113 $16,869

* Tuition based full time max rates for Grades 1-8 in 2021/2022
** Cost of Education based on the 2020/2021 FY. This is subject to change on a yearly basis
Note: Bus service fees are not eligible for tax credit.

Contact Admissions.

  • 613.825.3000
  • 255 Tartan Dr, Nepean, ON K2J 3T1