Welcome Back!

A message from Pauline Naftel, Principal

I love the anticipation of a new school year. There is something about new school supplies, clean floors
and new plans/schedules that highlights the potential possibilities of a new year. So many experiences
and connections to look forward to. There is of course some healthy trepidation as well (keeps us on our
toes). Trusting that whatever joys and challenges the year brings, God will be right there with us. He is

Our theme this year is “Rooted and Growing in Christ” (Colossians 2:6-7). Our hope is that our students
will have their faith firmly planted, knowing who they are in Christ and to be continually growing in that
knowledge. It is an awesome privilege to walk alongside students on this journey! We look forward to
discovering what God will teach us as we unpack this theme together and apply it to our lives.

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