Parent Testimonial #2

Our search for a Christ Centered Christian school in Ottawa began in May 2015 when we visited OCS for the first time in anticipation for our move from Winnipeg to Ottawa in 2016.  When we walked into OCS for our first tour, we were greeted by Virginia, Paul and Pauline and we immediately felt at home – the atmosphere was Light.  Late in the tour of OCS we asked ‘Why this school?’, and were provided with the simple yet profound truth, ‘At OCS, all staff strive to praise God in all that we teach the children.  From creation studies to art and even math, God our Father is Creator and Foundation of all.’  SOLD!!!!

Since our move in 2016, each of our boys were warmly greeted into the school by Christ serving loving teachers, each one with their own gifting and leaving a special part of this Love into our boys.  The whole OCS community is a marvel for us.  Knowing we are not perfect, the community strives to lean on Jesus to guide and help us in good and difficult times.

Even with their challenges, our boys were cherished by their peers and made great friends.   They are challenged in various ways to bring out their God given gifts that we as parents have never experienced.  Being active boys though, when asked to describe the best part of school they unanimously tell us it’s their friends and playing at recess.  Yet we know that God’s seed is being planted and will surely flourish into glorifying Him on His schedule.

Here is a little advice for the new families;

  1. Put God first.
  2. Pray for the whole school – all the time.
  3. Be part of the solution and serve as Jesus instructed us.

The Carrière Family