Our Journey to OCS was God led

Although we had both attended Christian schools growing up and even though we valued Christian education, we had steered away from this for our own children for various reasons. The Lord though, had other plans and was intent on having His way. He continued to chip away at our hesitation until we finally conceded and made the switch to OCS. At that time our oldest was entering grade 2, our middle child SK and our youngest was still at home. The transition was seamless and wonderful. Our only regret was not sending them to OCS sooner. 

OCS excels not only in providing our children with a Christian worldview, which is an extension of our beliefs and teachings at home; it also, in our experience provides a higher caliber of teaching and individualized attention. Teachers and school leaders are very approachable and eager to work with each student and their family to maximize their academic, social and spiritual potential.

We would highly recommend that if the Lord is leaning your heart towards OCS, that you heed His calling and enroll your children and experience to peace that follows.

-Michelle and Peter-