Tuition Information

OCS families pledge a yearly amount to our school based on family income and the number of children that attend. The true cost of what we provide is subsidized through fundraising and donations. Here are some scenarios that explain our pledging.

* Please note the figures in this table do not include new registrant fees, the Extended Kindergarten Program, or busing. Pledges can be paid in a lump sum, or over 10 even payments, from June to March.

One-Time New Registration Fee: $600 per family

Busing (optional):

  • Part Time – from $345 to $1,725 per family
  • Full-Time: $2,300 per family

Extended Kindergarten Program (optional):

  • Two days: $3,090 per child

The cost of providing Christ-centered education at Ottawa Christian School is funded by the parents of children enrolled in the school and by the supporting community. Tuition is evaluated and set yearly by the OCS Board of Directors and approved by the school membership. Our tuition rates are very competitive with the rates of other Christian Schools in Ontario and lower than most independent schools in the Ottawa area.

The revenue derived from tuition does not cover the total cost of providing a high quality Christian education. Membership fees, donations, the annual walkathon, other events and volunteering all help to reduce the cost borne by parents. All families are expected to participate in fund-raising projects and the volunteer effort that is required to operate the school.

Link to  Registration Forms.