Christ-Centered Environment

From the beginning of our journey here, we’ve been blessed by the Christ-centered environment of the OCS community. Through their prayer, teaching, and nurturing of relationships, the families and staff at OCS have continually encouraged our children to grow and thrive in their relationship with Jesus Christ. OCS is much more than just a school – it is a community of faith which is laying a solid foundation for the spiritual, social, and educational development of our kids. We are thankful to the Lord for this privilege.

Rob & Michelle

High Academic Standards

After teaching our children entirely at home for a number of years, we were looking for a school with a caring Christian environment, a well-rounded curriculum, and high academic standards.  We and our children are delighted with Ottawa Christian School!  One of the many highlights for us  has been the beautiful Christ-centered graduation ceremony for our eldest son.”

Carlisle & Marion

Caring Community and Dedicated Teaching Staff

We are so grateful that our daughter is receiving a “Christ centered” education which helps to develop her character and strengthens her Christian walk to face whatever challenge the future brings.  We have had nothing but positive experiences each year because OCS sets high academic standards and has an excellent, dedicated teaching staff on board who help our daughter to feel loved and accepted. We had two big challenges to face in 2008, a cancer scare for my wife and I lost my job, but we did not face this alone.  The school community  comprised of fellow parents (close friends) and faculty rallied around us in a supportive, prayerful and tangible way.  Our daughter continues to enjoy school and we’re thankful for the teachers she’s had. We have developed life long friends whom we’ll cherish forever.   Praise the Lord, He is faithful!

Louie & Nicole

Community of Diverse Christians

After our first child was born, we became members at OCS with the hope that we would join a community of denominationally diverse Christians seeking to provide a Christ-centered elementary education in Ottawa.  Eight years later, with 3 kids enrolled at the school, we have been blessed beyond our expectations. We are impressed by the high level of commitment to Christ that we see in the teaching staff. Not only are they professionals, the teachers exhibit a deep caring for each student reflective of Christ’s love in their own lives. Recently, at OCS Mom’s day, Brenda was impressed again by the intentional modeling of Christian faith that the senior grade students are able to provide for the more junior students. Our kids have found a great circle of friends. We are encouraged in our lives to be able to develop relationships with other OCS families.

Eric & Brenda

Shaping Children

“Our family attended OCS for 10 years and looking back on that time, I believe it helped shape them for who they are today”.


New family finds Ottawa Christian School a ‘perfect match’

School’s spiritual emphasis, assistance with special needs clinches decision for family
Friday September 10, 2010 — Michelle Strutzenberger

When Indica Ten Den and her husband Paul made the recent decision to send the first of their four children to Ottawa Christian School (OCS) she felt an overwhelming sense of peace.

In fact, Ten Den says she felt much the same as she did the day she attended a Christian church after being immersed in the Hindu religion for the first 18 years of her life.

“When I came out of that church, I just felt the presence of God so much I felt I could fly. That’s how peaceful it was, and that’s how I felt when we made the decision about going to OCS,” Ten Den tells OACS News.

“It was very clear, the burden lifted . . . and the peace of God was over both of us.”

There were two big factors in the Ten Den’s decision for OCS.

They wanted a place where their children would receive a strong foundation in the Christian faith. As they’ve conversed with principal Paul Triemstra and the teachers and learned more about what the school is all about, they’ve become convinced this is exactly what their children will receive at OCS.

In addition, because their oldest son has life-threatening dairy and nut allergies, the Ten Dens were looking for a school that could provide the necessary support, and Triemstra has made it clear OCS will do just that.

“They were willing to go out of their way to help out because they saw that (our son) is a child of God too, and it’s just wonderful how they were willing to work with us,” says Ten Den, noting she sees the school as a “perfect match” for the family.

She recalls feeling tears in her eyes after a comment from Triemstra about the school’s mission.

He said the very first order of business for the school is to help ensure children are ready to meet God at the end of their lives.

“I was like, wow, that’s exactly what I would want first,” says Ten Den, noting that when she envisions the graduation of her children from OCS, she sees them, as a result of what they’ve learned at OCS, home and church, ready to “witness to the real world about Christ,” so fulfilling a God-given purpose.

She adds she and her family feel blessed to be able to attend the school, and says they will be doing whatever they can to help spread the word about it.

To other families considering Christian education, Ten Den says they may encounter advice, as she and her husband did, that they could be doing their children an “injustice” by “sheltering” them in a Christian school.

The Ten Den response has been that children have plenty of opportunity for interacting with people of varying beliefs in other contexts, such as through extra-curricular activities.

What’s more important is that they are providing their children a solid foundation so that they are well prepared to stand strong in their Christian faith and also influence society for good, she notes.

“I say to parents, you’re not sheltering, you’re equipping them to go out there and face the real world,” says Ten Den.