Social Medial Policy

At Ottawa Christian School, we embrace new and innovative communication tools in our community. We are active on several social media platforms such as blogs and internet forums. Common examples include Facebook, YouTube and newsletters. While this list is not exhaustive, here are some guiding principles that inform the way we use social media.

Our posts are purpose driven

Social media communications are to inform current, past, and prospective members of the OCS community on matters related to educational initiatives, extra-curricular activities, or advancement. Posts will be carefully curated to align with the school’s priorities.

Our posts are edifying

As a Christ-centred organization, we are committed to being worthy ambassadors of our Lord. As such, the tone, content, and manner of all posts will be rooted in truth, love and grace, and exemplify the ideals that we strive to instill in our students. Abusive, discriminatory, harassing, profane, or otherwise inappropriate content will not be tolerated.

Our posts are complementary

While our team strives to present information in ways that are relevant and useful,, and the weekly memo to parents remain the primary conduit for conveying current information about our school. Our use of social media may amplify how we communicate but should not be relied on in exclusivity.

Our posts are carefully administered

The Advancement Coordinator and Community Relations Committee are responsible for maintaining official social media accounts used by OCS. It is the Advancement Coordinator and Committee’s role to ensure that social media pages are routinely updated and suitably moderated. We reserve the right to delete posts that violate our standards, including posts that are abusive, profane, discriminatory, inappropriate, or harassing. The moderator reserves the right to block violators of this policy. The Committee also reserves the right to discontinue using a platform at its discretion.

Our posts respect privacy and confidentiality

Identifying videos, images, photos and information of students are not disclosed without the written and informed consent of parents or guardians.