Book Review:

Desiring the Kingdom: Worship Worldview and Cultural Formation. (2009), James K. A. Smith. Some Key Questions What is critical to pass on and nurture a love for God and a desire to see his Kingdom come? Is passing on a “Christian perspective” the key to desiring the Kingdom, or is training the mind of lesser […]

Get ready for the 44th Annual OCS Walkathon!

Mark your calendars for Saturday, September 27th, at 8:30 am for our 44th annual Walkathon fundraiser. This special community event is a great time to get to know others in the OCS community, as we walk around Barrhaven and finish up back at the school with a BBQ and picnic. The fundraising target for this […]

Strandherd-Armstrong Bridge Updates

Gloucester-South Nepean Councillor Steve Desroches provides regular updates regarding the long-awaited Strandherd-Armstrong Bridge opening on his website. According to his latest post (June 16th) a timeline update is expected at the end of June and it is looking like the bridge may open early! Please pass the word on to any families in Riverside South […]

Mayor for a Half Day?

On Monday May 12th, Ottawa Christian School’s grade three class visited Ottawa City Hall as part of a Creation Studies unit about their local community. They were welcomed by Barrhaven Councillor Jan Harder, who shared her wealth of knowledge and experiences as a City Councillor as they toured City Hall. As a bonus, Mr. Fleming […]

Spring Has Arrived … At Last!

Spring has arrived at long last at OCS! Students wasted no time getting back into the coatless swing of things in the playground during their recess breaks!

Thank-you for Treating us with Treats!

As Staff Appreciation Week continues, Wednesday was marked by students bringing in a favourite treat or snack for their teacher to take home! Also, a very delicious Appreciation Lunch was served to the staff with parent volunteers taking over all staff yard duties during lunch recess. Thank-you so very much to OCS parents, students and […]

Take a break in the OCS Body Break Zone

If you go to the Learning Support Room you will notice a space in the corner with some very fun activities going on. There is a blue gym mat, a re-bounder, an exercise ball, some stretch bands and a white board with a list of work out exercises on it. This space is known as the […]

Images from Grade 7 & 8 Electives

The grade 7′s and 8′s have enjoyed an opportunity to learn some new skills and try new things during their Senior Electives block. Here are some images of OCS students trying out Badminton, Baking, Cinematography, Self Defence and Sign Language. Thanks to all who volunteered their time and talents to give our students an opportunity […]

Knights! Castles! Princesses! Dragons! (and one Overflowing Parking Lot)

More than just an excuse to brandish swords and wear tiaras, OCS students presented their Spring Musical, Happily Forever After,  to a packed house the evening of April 25th. We joined Princess Pride, Sir Brags-a-lot, and their curious band on an amazing trek in a very faraway land. When the Carpenter from another kingdom brings the troubling news […]