Ottawa Christian School’s Book Club

Each year, the Ontario Library Association nominates lists of books all written or illustrated by our own Canadian authors. Then schools take part in the Forest of Reading program to feature these books.

In April, the students get to vote for their favourite books!

At OCS, we will have weekly book club sessions on Tuesday mornings during first recess. The book club members will come to the library and get the chance to take out some of these great nominated books. These books will not be available to other students, just those taking part in the Book Club. After you’ve selected a book to take out, we’ll feature one of the books and do a fun activity.

The book club will be broken up into two groups. The first group will be for the grades 1-3 and will feature the picture books otherwise known as the Blue Spruce nominated list. The older students in grades 4-7 will feature the fiction and non-fiction books on the Silver Birch nominated lists.

Thank you Mrs. McLinton for assisting the students to make this a reality at OCS!