Our Mission

To educate children, equipping them for a life of faithful Christian discipleship and service.

OCS Core Values

1) The Bible is foundational to how we1 grow in learning, understanding and living in God’s world.

  • The Bible, God’s story to His people about His world and His redemptive work, is the touchstone for all our endeavours at OCS. Jesus Christ is at the heart of the biblical story, and it is critical that the students know and love Him. Our curriculum is based on the teachings and principles of the Bible and the school culture and behaviour of our staff and students reflects our desire to follow Christ’s example. We believe that it is essential that the life-giving word of God is deeply rooted in the lives of our children so that the students understand that what they think about God and themselves will impact their future choices and decisions.

2) Our educational program recognizes and develops the student as a whole person – intellectual, spiritual, emotional and physical.

  • We believe that for excellent Christian education to happen all dimensions of a child’s person must be engaged. We understand that a school by its nature is an academic institution and so focuses on the student’s intellect, but we also understand that God made us whole beings in which the mind, emotions, spirit and body interact in wonderfully complex ways. Therefore, our curriculum, teaching, school culture and approach to discipline ensures that our students thrive in our school.

3) We embrace the diverse God-given abilities of each student and provide a nurturing environment for them to reach their individual potential.

  • The school partners with families to recognize and cultivate the diversity of talents and abilities. We acknowledge the image of God in all of our students, our student body and our school community. Together we learn about God’s wondrous world and our place in it at this time.

4) Our community, consisting of staff, parents, non-parent members, supporters and churches, is committed to helping students grow in their individual development for Christ’s purpose.

  • The Ottawa Christian School serves our students and aids them in their development as a unique person in Christ’s kingdom. This is a broad and deep community of Christians and Christian communities that cooperate to further the mission of school.

5) We are committed to providing a strong administrative and financial foundation for the on-going stability and growth of the school.

  • The quality education provided at OCS can only continue if we have strong fundamentals in the areas of administration and finance. Proper governance and accountability ensures the proper workings of the school while financial stability is key to on-going programming as well as areas of growth. Using the resources and time that God has abundantly blessed us with, we ensure the continued stability and growth of the school.

6) Following Christ and His example, we acknowledge that learning is for serving.

  • In a spirit of cooperation, our community ensures that education at OCS is oriented to a life of discipleship. The students use their talents and gifts to serve their neighbours in their class, their school, their families and their communities. In doing so they live to the praise of God’s glory.


OCS Vision

The vision of Ottawa Christian School is to enhance the education of a diverse student body through expanding programs, growing resources, and broadening support from the Christian community.

1 “We” in this document refers to the entire OCS community: staff, parents, members, students.