Frequently Asked Questions

Why do parents choose Ottawa Christian School?

Parents choose OCS to provide their children an education in which Christ is taught as the Lord and center of all things. The school also provides the following benefits to parents:

  • the opportunity to have their children taught by Christian teachers
  • the opportunity for their children to develop friendships with Christian peers
  • a school where children are taught to live responsibly before the Lord
  • a place that nurtures children’s faith and compliments what is taught in the home
  • strong academic standards
  • a chance to build co-operative relationships with Christian teachers

We believe that God has ordered creation in a way that makes knowledge possible and that every subject has its basis in Him. The school provides our children with a solid foundation for taking their place in society as God’s people.

Are the teachers Christians?

OCS is an interdenominational school whose teachers are chosen for their professional qualifications and commitment to Jesus Christ. All staff belong to the Ontario Christian School Teacher’s Association, which  sponsors continuing educational and professional activities. Please take a look at the staff profiles.

Do the children wear uniforms?

Uniforms are not required. Children are expected to dress modestly according to the school dress code.

What are your class hours?

Classes begin at 8:25 and finish at 3:10. Senior and Junior Kindergarten are held full days Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Optional Extended Kindergarten is held full days on Tuesday and Thursday for both JK and SK students.  For more info on this program, see Extended Kindergarten Program.

How do children get to and from school?

A bus is available from  Nepean, Kanata and Stittsville. Many parents carpool or drive their children to school each day, which adds to the sense of community the school enjoys.

Are academics strong?

Our teachers work diligently with their students and encourage them to reach their full potential. Our students complete standardized testing and consistently achieve superior results compared to their peers in other schools. Ottawa Christian School meets or exceeds provincial standards.

What specialty subjects are taught?

Core French, music, computers, art and physical education are taught at all grade levels. We offer a well-equipped computer lab, extra-curricular athletic teams, band, and a junior and senior choir.

What about gifted and children who need extra help?

At Ottawa Christian School we seek to develop the gifts and abilities that God has given to each child. students Others get extra help from our Learning Support team. Given the unique situation of each child, it is best to arrange to meet with our principal to discuss your child’s individual needs.

How long has the school been in operation?

The school has operated successfully since 1966, following receiving its provincial charter. Today, as in the past, God’s provision is being seen as the school continues to grow.

How are  parents involved?

We believe that education is a parental responsibility and that school is an extension of the home. OCS is therefore a membership directed school. Through an elected board, association meetings, and committees, parents’ voices are listened to and acted on. Parents and other concerned community members who agree with the constitution join the OCS Association, which allows them to vote on school business matters at the semi-annual meetings.

How do I enrol?

Give us a call at 613-825-3000 to arrange a visit with the Principal and staff.  The enrollment process and forms can also be found here.