Intensive French

Intensive French for students entering Grade 6 at Ottawa Christian School began in September 2009.

On fait un peu de grammaire tous les jours.

On fait un peu de grammaire tous les jours.

Intensive French (IF) is a second language teaching approach in which French is taught intensively for a large part of the day during five months in Grade 6. The students in the program receive about 55% of their instruction in French during the first half of the year and 20% during the second half; most of the rest of the curriculum (though not Mathematics) is “compressed” into the second half of the year.

Intensive French is not a different version of French immersion.  Subject areas like math, history, or science are not taught in French.  Instead it is a French language arts program where students listen, speak, read and write French.

Intensive French is a literacy-based approach to teaching French as a second language that is incorporated into the core French program for five months of the school year at Grade 6. It is based on the use of French for authentic communication in the classroom and the development of literacy skills in French. Classroom activities are related to projects and there is a high degree of interaction between teacher and students, as well as among students.

For more information about Intensive French please visit or contact our Principal Paul Triemstra at Ottawa Christian School at 613-825-3000.

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